Monthly Car Rental Dubai | Sedan, Hatchback and SUVs For Rent | Al Emad Cars

اسم الموقع: Monthly Car Rental Dubai | Sedan, Hatchback and SUVs For Rent | Al Emad Cars

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وصف الموقع: If you are looking for a monthly hire solution, we here at Al Emad can provide you with high-quality vehicles at the cheapest prices for your travels within the UAE. Monthly car rental plans take the hassle and cost out of buying a car and maintaining the same. Our 100+ rental inventory has a large variety of vehicles sourced from leading brands across the world. We are proud to term ourselves as the cheapest rent a car solution in Dubai, and our prices start from AED 1440 per month. Our services are suitable not only for individuals but also for corporates who require a viable means of transport within the Emirate. The documentation necessary to rent a car from us is kept to the minimum to ensure a hassle-free booking process. Browse through our online catalog and choose a vehicle in line with budget and requirements. For more information, contact our team on +971-56-680-3692.

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